The Has Bin

Tucked in among the corn fields of Alvin, Illinois is a grain bin that has been converted into a comfortable bed and breakfast stay.

Triip - 198

It is aptly named The Has Bin, since it has been in this place before.  In its original form, the grain bin was at its current location in the 1950’s and used as a grain bin for roughly twenty years. In the 1970’s, the bin was moved to a neighbor’s farm six miles down the road. Recently, it was hauled back on a friend’s trailer and set into its current place. []


An incredible amount of thought and care went into the transformation of the bin from a working grain bin to a comfortable bed and breakfast. Not everyone could initially envision the finished product, but persistency through a number of challenges enabled a truly remarkable transition. One of the challenges faced during the conversion of the grain bin to a stylish dwelling was maintaining the feel of the original grain. It would have been easier to fit the inside walls with wooden planks run vertically, but that would not have resulted in the same impact as the horizontal planks installed in this bin.  It did take a bit of trial and error to find a pliable enough wood that would offer stability while also having enough flexibility to bend without breaking.


Even the ceiling maintains the original grain bin design.


Another challenge was fitting a square window into a curved space, but this too was successfully accomplished.


The Has Bin is filled with thoughtful and meaningful touches. From the stove to the cast iron tub, everything in the Has Bin was intentional selected for this place.

While staying at the Has Bin, be sure to visit Andi Mae’s Ice cream Shoppe in the neighboring town of Bismarck, Illinois.

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” Bertrand Russell


  1. Hi, Maria, Not sure if you’ll get this.  How are you finding these unusual places?  How much are you interacting with the local people? I’m now home recuperating from my 3rd operation in less than a year.  My back surgery (laminectomy on 2 levels) done on September 26 seems to have made a big difference!!  I’m so hoping that my stamina will continue to build, and I’ll be back doing the things I enjoy. BTW, from a philosophical standpoint, at some point I’d love to explore with you the effect of living with chronic pain.  Now that I have less, I’m getting in touch with how much I was living with and how it affected me. BTW, I love the quote you included by Bertrand Russell – so true! Best wishes,Nancy Dorner


    1. Over a year was spent planning this 5 month trip to all 50 states. I am not only interacting with local people, but I am actually collecting interviews with them which will air on a new Pemi Cable TV Show in 2020 entitled: The Looking Glass. I’ll let you know when it officially begins airing in the NH region.


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