Repurposed Tobacco Warehouses

Two historic Tobacco Warehouses have been repurposed in Viroqua, Wisconsin. The former Northern Wisconsin Co-Op Tobacco Pool for Leaf Tobacco building has been repurposed into a private residence, which offers additional office space and a stylish Airbnb place.

Tobacco Warehouse - 31

The space is decorated in a stylish retro theme, with carefree artwork decorating the walls and thoughtful touches in every nook and cranny.

Behind this stylish repurposed warehouse sits a second historic Tobacco warehouse that has been repurposed into a bookstore.

Tobacco Warehouse - 32

The bookstore is aptly named Driftless Books & Music.

Tobacco Warehouse Bookstore - 8

The entrance is ordained with a fitting warning:

Tobacco Warehouse Bookstore - 10

It is truly a place where time seems to stand still. A maze of bookcases offers a magically pathway to explore historical classics and discover new stories behind worn book covers.

Tobacco Warehouse Bookstore - 14

As you wind your way from room to room, there are surprises around every corner.

After a fulfilling day of bookstore exploration, make your way down the street to Kickapoo Coffee shop for a splendid cup of hot chocolate and a delicious muffin.

Tobacco Warehouse Bookstore - 2

Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly.”  Francis Bacon


    1. The original plan was to spend one week in each state, but the college was only able to approve a single semester sabbatical rather than a full year, so we are averaging 2 to 6 days per state. Trying to stay away from the typical tourist areas in favor of hidden gems.


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