The Squeeze Box

The Squeeze Box is an apartment in historic downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi.


Clarksdale is the birthplace of the blues. Muddy Waters, one of the influential bluesman, lived a few miles outside of Clarksdale picking cotton on Stovall Plantation.


Upon entering The Squeeze Box, guests will be struck by the smart décor clearly inspired by a musician’s soul.

Just inside the front door is a sitting area.


The dining booth was one of my favorite places in The Squeeze Box. Rather than a recording booth, it was a booth of records.


The kitchen is both stylish and fully functional.


Just off the kitchen is a sliding metal door that leads into the bedroom.


The spirit of the blues and the musicians who put their souls into this music is captured in the décor of the bedroom.


Every corner is a reminder of Clarksdale’s roots.

The Squeeze Box is located within walking distance of the music venues, museums, and restaurants.


“If you got something you don’t want other people to know, keep it in your pocket.”  Muddy Waters

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