Seaboard Coast Line Caboose

Guests can stay in a refurbished Seaboard Coast Line Caboose in Clyde, North Carolina.


The woodwork in the Caboose is strikingly beautiful. The kitchen showcases the wonderful balance between functionality and style found throughout the Caboose.


The Caboose layout is functional and stylish.

Original items can be found seamlessly worked into the areas of the Caboose such as the original sink in the bathroom and the hand rails in the bedroom.

A separate building designed with a train station feel houses a laundry room, gift shop, and game room.

The game room offers a variety of games, books, and toys for the young and young-at-heart visitors.

From full size train cars to model imitations, there is something here for every train enthusiast.

In addition to trains, there is a wide variety of animals on the property as well.

The highlight for us when staying in the Seaboard Coast Line Caboose was the view. A herd of bison grazing and playing could be enjoyed from the comforts of the Caboose.

During warmer weather, guests can relax on the large attached deck.


“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.”  Buddha

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