Storybook Cottage

When visiting Ghent, West Virginia guests can stay in an amazingly creative Storybook Cottage.


The charming refrigerator and matching microwave and coffee maker were the initial items purchased for the Cottage.  The kitchen was then designed around these appliances.


We were welcomed with homemade baked goods fittingly served in a picnic basket a bit like that carried by fairytale character, Little Red Riding Hood.


Each of the rooms is smartly organized with a whimsical air in the decorations.

The vintage bathroom has a gorgeous clawfoot caste iron tub.


Most carpenters strive to attain straight lines of construction, but the Storybook Cottage is designed as a deliberately crooked structure as is evidenced by the roof design.


The Storybook Cottage comes with its very own guard….Gobbling Guard that is.


The turkey stands guard day and evening, and enjoys sharing the back porch with guests.


A gorgeous pond, teeming with life offers the perfect backyard view.


We were greeted by several chickens each morning, and there was a steady stream of cats and kittens finding their way between the main house, the cottage and the barn.


The main house is in the process of being converted into a castle and a pencil museum is also in the works alongside a future saw mill.

Other storybook style structures on the premises continue the Storybook theme throughout the property.


“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” Albert Einstein

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