Johnstown Motorcycle Warehouse

A spacious warehouse in Johnstown, Pennsylvania offers visitors a nostalgic stay with amazing views of the city.


After ascending the wooden staircase to the second floor, guests will find a refurbished space uniquely decorated with a motorcycle theme. There is a smartly designed bathroom and several bedrooms located down a long, narrow hallway.

Each of the bedrooms offers a balance of comfort and style.

Continuing passed the bedrooms, the end of the hallway opens into a dining room with its own view of the city.


The kitchen welcomes plenty of natural light with windows spanning two walls.


The massive living room offers multiple sitting areas and an array of interesting decorations.

Whether guests desire to listen to music, take in the city landscape, or simply enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation, there is something here for everyone.

Our favorite space was the enclosed rooftop great room with panoramic views of Johnstown.

“Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen.”¬† Anaxagoras

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